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Competition and events


  • Individual kumite - Men and Women

  • Team kumite - Men and Women

Kumite Rule

The result of a bout is determined by a contestant obtaining a clear lead of eight points, or at time-up, having the highest number of points, obtaining a decision (HANTEI), or by a Accumulation of PROHIBITED BEHAVIOURs, imposed against a contestant.


  • IPPON(Three points)

    • Jodan kicks(High kicks)

    • Any scoring technique delivered on a thrown or fallen opponent

  • WAZA-ARI(Two points)

    • Chudan kicks(Middle kicks)

  • YUKO(One point)

    • Tsuki(Punch)

    • Uchi(Strike)



    • CATEGORY 1

      • Techniques which make excessive contact, having regard to the scoring area attacked, and techniques which make contact with the throat.

      • Attacks to the arms or legs, groin, joints, or instep.

      • Attacks to the face with open hand techniques.

      • Dangerous or forbidden throwing techniques.

    • CATEGORY 2

      • Feigning, or exaggerating injury.

      • Exit from the competition area (JOGAI) not caused by the opponent.

      • Self-endangerment by indulging in behaviour, which exposes the contestant to injury by the opponent, or failing to take adequate measures for self-protection, (MUBOBI).

      • Avoiding combat as a means of preventing the opponent having the opportunity to score.

      • Passivity – not attempting to engage in combat. (Cannot be given after less than the last 10 seconds of the match.)

      • Clinching, wrestling, pushing, or standing chest to chest without attempting a a scoring technique or takedown.

      • Grabbing the opponent with both hands for any other reasons than executing a takedown upon catching the opponents kicking leg.

      • Grabbing the opponents arm or karategi with one hand without immediately attempting a scoring technique or takedown.

      • Techniques, which by their nature, cannot be controlled for the safety of the opponent and dangerous and uncontrolled attacks.

      • Simulated attacks with the head, knees, or elbows.

      • Talking to, or goading the opponent, failing to obey the orders of the


  • CHUKOKU: CHUKOKU is imposed for the first instance of a minor infraction for the applicable category.

  • KEIKOKU: KEIKOKU is imposed for the second instance of a minor infraction for that category, or for infractions not sufficiently serious to merit HANSOKU-CHUI.

  • HANSOKU-CHUI: This is a warning of disqualification usually imposed for infractions for which a KEIKOKU has previously been given in that bout although it may be imposed directly for serious infringements, which do not merit HANSOKU

  • HANSOKU: This is the penalty of disqualification following a very serious infraction or when a HANSOKU CHUI has already been given. In team matches the fouled competitor’s score will be set at eight points and the offender’s score will be zeroed.


  • Individual kata - Men and Women

  • Team kata (synchronized) - Men and Women

team kata with bunkai


Team Competition

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