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What is a Gasshuku?

A Gasshuku is technically an special training session.

In the OKINAWAKAN the term is used to refer to the various courses that are run each year over weekends or longer periods.

It is hard to exaggerate the value of these courses. A typical week end Gasshuku will contain as much as the equivalent of three weeks dojo training. It also has the advantage that the training is intensive, so it tends to ‘sink in’ better.

Gradings, including black belt grading, are held on these courses. Many students find it a good environment in which to grade, with the opportunity to practice thoroughly all their grading techniques before grading.

Students of all grades attend these events. As well as intensive and thorough training, there is an excellent social side to these courses, and an opportunity to meet members of other clubs, and make new friends.

When are Gasshuku held?

There are three Gasshuku on the yearly program that are annual events, namely:

  • Gasshuku, in February
  • Gasshuku, in July
  • Gasshuku, in October

The Gasshuku are weekend events, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. They are always very popular, and are often booked out months in advance.

The Gasshuku runs from Monday to Friday, and again is always very popular, particularly with children.

Apart from these, there are other weekend Gasshuku held at OKINAWAKAN clubs.

International events are also held every year.

Conduct at a Gasshuku

Training at a Gasshuku is to be treated in the same way as training at the dojo. However it is also important to remember:

Gasshuku are hosted by either another club or school or other organization. It is important to ensure that your conduct both in and out of the dojo is responsible, and courteous to your hosts; Remember that you are representing the OKINAWAKAN at the Gasshuku, and that others will judge not only you, but the OKINAWAKAN, by our actions.

Gasshuku & Seminars

Karate or Kobudo Seminars

The seminar offers participants an opportunity to learn, the Ancient Karate in the Okinawakan Karate event, the essence of kata and skills of Okinawa karate beyond their Ryu-ha.

Please rank from first to third your program (Ryu-ha) preference for each session (morning session and afternoon session).

Please note that when your first choice is full, you may be moved to your second or third choice.

Application period: Application will not be accepted once participation numbers reach the limit.


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