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Okinawakan Panamá - Honbu Dojo
Bethania, IPHE Gym
Suchy Kensei Shihan
Cel: 6524-1957
​Okinawakan Costa Rica - Shibu Dojo
San José de Costa Rica, Centroamerica
Michael Vasquez Sensei
3rd Dan
Okinawakan Brazil - Shibu Dojo
Elias Oliveira de Souza Shihan
8vo Dan Kyoshi




Okinawakan Karate
We have private classes, just call us for info about it and cost.
After the Coronavirus.
Self-Defense Course - UCAS
In the Urban Combat Aggressive System training you will develop fighting skills and overcome the natural limitations, saving your life in an unexpected situations..
Things will never be the same as before.
After the Coronavirus we will announce the next training camp.


In each Latin-American Country, every OKINAWAKAN dojo or association must conduct a biennial seminar with Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto or Hanshi Jaime Pereira (travel expenses, food and lodging for Hanshi and for Suchy Kensei Kyoshi, as an assistant must be considered as a local organization responsibility) after the payment of all expenses concerning the organization of those seminars, the remain profit must be split between Hanshi or Kyoshi and the local organization.

Okinawakan Countries  representatives

& Dojo  in Latin America

Ryukyu Kobudo

Dear Sensei, would you like make your Dojo  growing,  come, learn and teach Kobudo increasing the numbers of students.

A Special Program for Karate Instructors, just call us for info. about it.

After Coronavirus

International Karate Day
October 25

We organizing an open Karate Training Camp, free of any cost.  All Karate enthusiast, Kuro Obi, and Sensei are welcome to join us in this annual celebration.

After the Coronavirus

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